Monday, April 10

You, Yes You

Today, I was sitting in the middle of my class when a random thought confronted me. It was strange, I was thinking, what would have happened if seven or eight years ago, I pursued and actually gave in to this Filipino guy who was at that time trying to make his moves on me. Like, I was in this train of thought, trying to think of what if's and how all these things led me to where I am now and I concluded with the realisation that life had all these events lined up exactly to get to where I am supposed to be.

Ten months ago, I was like a piece of a puzzle which doesn't belong in another hundred pieces of a different one. With all positivity, I tried to fit in, figuring it all out. Until it dawned me that whatever I do, it just won't fit any piece - I have to let it go and stop finding where I am supposed to match, in a hundred pieces of puzzle that's totally different than mine.

One day, life made it's mysterious move on me and I finally ended up on the box - my box. My box with all the other hundred pieces that would perfectly fit. The story wasn't extra ordinary, but getting there, man it was worth it. 

It was a constant battle in the beginning. I was pretty much used to the old box that I kept on trying to get it back, insisting that those pieces were where I belonged. But this box was patient and he was there, even on days that I refused to be that piece. Even after he discovered that because of desperately trying to fit in the pieces of the old box, my edges got worn out and dulled.

Slowly, I tried to see if the pieces do match. Then I realised I wasn't alone, the box was indeed full of the right pieces, it's just that there were days and nights when it was not taken care of, left deserted, devalued of what a beautiful picture it would be if one has bothered to put the pieces together.

In the middle of all that chaos, life made me realise how beautiful it can be. I was in the right box with all the run-down pieces and when we were finally put together, words couldn't describe the delicately fascinating picture that it showed.

Amidst everything I went through, switching through the wrong boxes and trying to keep the ones that didn't fit, my piece of the puzzle was thankful that life, in its journey of constant surprises brought me to the right box with all the matching pieces. That's my story and faith and hope got me where I am meant to be.


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