Sunday, September 28

Puka Beach, snorkeling, and cliff diving in Boracay

Hello, Dear Sunday.

How are you all doing? Well aside from the fact that we all got our little rest time which is just enough to go through the next week, aren't we all happy we got to spend this day for ourselves? I am happy. lol it's not like I don't have the whole week for myself I am a bum for work's sake.

Anyway, join me in rekindling my second day trip to Boracay last April 6, 2014. Second day always wins for the best day *usually* since the first day is only a warm up and the last day is often just to waste the remaining time you have at that place. Anyhow!!! I kept confusing my subjects lol I'm sorry #writerproblems

Our second day mainly consisted of island hopping and bar hopping. Shall I say, the islands were all equally gorgeous, just not as gorgeous as those in Camiguin or Palawan but gorgeous enough to satisfy. The first stop was at Puka Beach. Sand is not as white or pristine as the main island but is a sure winner when it comes to tranquility and privacy. The water is a bit rough for swimming but the contrast of deep blue and turquoise is really inviting. Aileen and I plunged. Bet you would, too!

It was the perfect place where you can take pictures and nobody would be caught walking behind or something... There's enough space for everyone. Certainly not like the main island where you need to wait for a couple of minutes before you can take decent pictures without anybody jeopardizing the frame for you. Is it obvious that I loved Puka Beach a lot? Yes, I guess so.

We also had lunch there, which is the same with main island when it comes to pricing. Totally over board. Mind you, there's only one restaurant available so you practically don't have a choice. It's quite good if that makes it any better though.

After lunch, we went on with our next agenda which was snorkelling somewhere in the middle of the sea. I wasn't able to see that much fish or coral but I did enjoy the time spent swimming! It was good practice, this was my favorite among all three.

I'm okay with threading all day, really

My swimming buddy in Bora :D
And look at the main island just behind her.
Awesome snorkeling and threading. We then head to Magic Island for cliff diving. Disclaimer I was totally brave before I saw and experienced the balancing wood, really. It was the culprit!!! I so did chicken out. I AM SORRY TO FAIL YOU, GUYS.

Congratulations to Jenny for being able to do it.
Not just once and certainly not twice but thrice. (I blame the balancing wood.)
We went back just in time for sunset!!! And it is lovely as usual. One of the few things I love about Boracay. It may not be as perfect as Santorini's or Mykonos' but man, who cares? The fact that the colors mixes up so beautifully shouldn't be questioned! You shouldn't miss it, at least once in your life. The pictures never do it justice.

We had dinner after at this buffet restaurant. Can't tell you enough how much I love oysters and they had a lot of it that it was so close to heaven! I can practically eat it all day. Afterwards we had a little down time and pre-game at the hotel before we head out to go clubbing! Ended up at Epic that night, thankfully. Paid P300 for 2 free drinks and entrance. Certainly had a good time! I didn't end up drunk, too bad. Being not drunk makes me not dance with anyone at all. Thankful nonetheless because then I'd always remember what a fun night it was with my friends. Cheese!!!

Thank you for the photo, Kim.
Hit the sack at around 4am, was really really sleepy by then that a quick shower didn't even wake me up. It was a good Boracay party that I quite enjoyed! A little too much I think. Catch you again in my next entry! Of course, with the itinerary and estimation of expenses for all the days.

Happy travels!


Friday, September 26

Boracay - Philippines' Island Paradise

After being off from my blog for a few weeks, I've been updating myself on what to write next. And voila! As I searched, the Best Island in the World as awarded by Travel + Leisure magazine 2012 edition is up. Boracay - the Philippines' tropical island paradise!

Contrary to being famous for it's night life and relaxing white beaches, Boracay is also a place where you can relax. In the morning of course when almost everyone's still busy from regaining their spirit and energy lost the night before. Make sure you make the most out of this time! Unless you're one of those people oops haha. Boracay has received a lot of recognition throughout the years for it's powdery white sand and great sunset that almost every kind of tourist and locals are here. It was my first time and it was the first week of April, but man, it was 'kind of' jam packed already! Never have guessed. lol

Anyway, we arrived in Boracay at around 10 or 11 in the morning. We were so freaking hungry that we just dropped our things off at the hotel (since we had to wait for check-in time) and rushed to the nearest (not exactly nearest oops) D'Mall to get some food. Luckily, my first meal in Boracay wasn't an awful one, in fact it was totally the opposite! I have always loved Mexican food and Tres Amigos sure did captivate me. I ordered their burrito as usual *coughs coughs* and surprisingly it's as good as Silantro's in Kapitolyo.

Tres Amigos' burrito (sorry I'm pretty selfish, didn't take photos of the other food lol)
After eating our lunch at D'Mall, we then went back to the hotel for a bit of rest and freshening up. At around 3pm, we went out for parasailing! One of the most exhilarating moments of my life! T'was super awesome. We paid P1,500 for 30 minutes and every penny was worth it. PS try not to get overpriced in Bora and haggle your way to the top AT ALL TIMES. They usually have varying charges according to race and ethnicity, you can do it!

Sure gave us a good time. It was quite a waiting time though but nonetheless the experience was spot on. We even got to ride a speed boat twice and see this amazing sunset up close.

The Boracay Sunset ..on a speed boat. An amazing view, as usual.
We went to Red Coconut after to join the other half of our friends for dinner. The food was obviously overpriced but it comes with the high tourist rates so, never mind. Average service. Main reason I loved it was the opportunity for an illegal swim. Jenny, Aileen, and I went for a swim after eating and got back to the table soaking wet. I was just so hungry for water I had to. Don't judge lol

The rest of the night was tiring. Little did we know that partying actually starts before sunset and mostly ends at around 9 or 10 in the evening. Unfortunately, we slept and ended up in Club Paraw at midnight. What on earth? If you're after partying, check the upcoming events before booking for heads up. It'll give you an easier time.

Capped off the night at 4am with a cup of noodles and Chuckie. Didn't know pushing and shoving can be really exhausting. Lesson learned! Good night, world!

Happy travels!