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17 Destinations Before 30

Travel. What comes into mind when you hear that word? Mine is 17 destinations that I want to reach before 30. And just recently, I have discovered Airbnb - the mobile application (available in both iOS and Android users) that gives everyone opportunities to avail low-cost accommodations that make traveling not only for the financially gifted but the average as well. You can sign up just by clicking this link over here. Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, in more than 34,000 cities and 192 countries. With its wide range of accommodations - hotels, apartments, lofts, flats, and even rooms, you are sure to find one that perfectly fits your personality and budget! #MyAirbnbBucketList

Today, let me share with you the 17 places included in my travel bucket wish list. Places I wish to travel and conquer ideally before I build a chocolate shop or finish all of the Philippines' local tourist destinations and after I have saved up for my family's emergency fund.

1. The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Imagine yourself doing barbecue night with this view. The Pyramids of Giza is one the absolute parts of history. It is a symbol of how amazingly resourceful and creative our forefathers were. It proves that architecture has developed tremendously throughout the ages but since then it was never boring. Oh, and the camel ride will always be a bonus!

2. Washington, USA

You might be thinking, why would I even want to travel to Washington apart from it having the White House? Well the reason will prolly take you by surprise! The main reason I want to go there is because I want to visit Boeing's factory of airplanes. The biggest factory in the world. I mean, have you ever wondered whenever you see an airplane how the hell was that even made or how did they even complete such a magnificent creation? The factory was shown in Megafactories of National Geographic once but of course it's still different to have it right in front of your naked eyes and that is what I am aiming for!

3. Hong Kong, China

Two words. NEAREST. DISNEYLAND. Please, this is the happy kid's chance.

4. Paris, France

Paris is a common destination. Most would say they want to go to Paris because of the Eiffel Tower but apart from that, don't you think an afternoon in Paris would really be nice? People watching, drinking coffee, reading a book in one of their coffee shops. It's part of the French culture. Aside from that I also want to check out some places mentioned in the Da Vinci Code. The places once only in imagination will finally come to life. Isn't that enough reason to be excited other than the Eiffel Tower?

5. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I fell in love with this place a long time ago. Fell in love meaning I would probably scream my lungs out and produce little teardrops on my face upon seeing it. It has an unfathomable impact to me that I seriously love it 10 times more than the Eiffel Tower. It is one of my dreams to visit one of the nearby parks in KL, just sit there and watch this building turn the lights on after sunset.

6. Bali, Indonesia

Getting away from the city life? Meditating your way to solitude? Bali is the perfect place. I will always dream of doing yoga in Bali. Isn't it the exact same scene going on your head whenever you hear people mention it? Come on, tell me! Just imagine the wind gently touching your hair, the sound of the birds chirping, and the waves banging against the tall rocks bordering the sea.

7. Singapore City, Singapore

Oh, Singapore. I have been here almost 5 years ago and it is one of the most refreshing places I've ever seen. The exemplary organization of this country, the absolutely clean air, the crazy party during Halloween, the one dollar ice cream sandwich, and the long walks at night - Singapore is truly a place to enjoy. I actually considered permanently living in here before, but who knows I might change my mind since I still have a lot of countries to visit!

8. Taipei, Taiwan

That feeling of being on top of the world in Taipei 101 - that's my main reason of wanting to go to Taiwan! I know the feeling would be nerve wracking but it would sure help me realize how small I am of the world. Another reason is, I also want to go check out it's various memorial halls, temples, and its night market! I. LOVE. NIGHT. MARKETS.

9. London, United Kingdom

London Eye. Big Ben. National Gallery. Buckingham Palace. Tower of London. Trafalgar Square. Aren't those enough reasons to visit this place?

10. Yokohama, Japan

Japan will always be a destination close to my heart. Mainly because it's my mother's dream to go there. Of course the cherry blossom! I usually catch her searching pictures of it on Google and someday I promise I'll take her there. She has always made a way for my dreams to come true and it will always be my promise to fulfill some of hers, too. AND!!! What made me even more excited is the loft that I have seen in Airbnb, it has this common area with library which is close to living a life of heaven on earth. I might just stay and read books while mother goes out for the cherry blossoms. Kidding!

11. Barcelona, Spain

Main reason why I want to go to Barcelona? I want to practice the use of my Spanish dictionary. It might be superficial to you but I believe that one of the easiest ways to learn a new language is using it where it's intended for use. Where else but the country where it originated? Aside from that, the architecture in Spain and generally in Western Europe is exquisite. Take a look at the Sagrada Familia. Now tell me, what does it say about Spain's architecture?

12. Madrid, Spain

The largest city of Spain ..and it's capital! Frankly speaking, I don't have a specific list of tourist attractions to see. I just really really want to visit this place for some reason I don't know.

13. Agra, India

Agra India is one of my priority places in the next two years. I have read in various travel blogs that the government of India is considering to close down the Taj Mahal for public viewing to further preserve it. They think that the volume of visitors might be too much for the place to take and adds to the pollution making it's pristine white walls deplete its natural beauty. The rumors are the decision will be set final within the next five years. I am determined never to miss it.

14. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The home of pilgrimages - Brazil. I'm not gonna go there for a pilgrimage though I just wanted to share with you how it's mostly famous for Christian Pilgrimage. Brazilians are beautiful people and whenever I look at this country I feel as if it's something like the Philippines. I am interested to know how the two countries are same or different in many ways.

15. New York, USA

The city that never sleeps. I am delighted to visit a place where there's action 24/7, a place where you would feel strange but at peace in the same time. I would love to stroll at night, grab a quick snack, and experience New York at it's peak. I know it's going to be a busy one but it'll sure be an exciting trip!

16. Santorini, Greece

They said one of the best sunsets in the world can be found in Santorini, Greece. The warmth of the sun as it touches my skin, the view of the sea beneath me, and the fiery orange glow in front of me - I'm pretty sure it will be an unforgettable moment. I wish I could visit this place sooner, the destination is pretty cheap since the economy of Greece is not in a good state right now. I don't want to wish they remain in that status though I just hope they have more tourism-cheap years to come, at least before I go there! #selfish

17. Zurich, Switzerland

The sophistication and classic beauty of Switzerland never ceases to amaze me. Its urban and rural feel at the same time makes you want to visit and know what it has to offer. To be honest, I don't remember Switzerland for anything but milk. Although recently, I have encountered an article saying Switzerland is an ideal place for solo travel and it really got me. I have been researching for places to do solo travel in for who knows how long already and I've finally found the perfect place. Plus, a lot of Swiss men wouldn't hurt too.

How about you? What are some of your dream destinations? Tell me about it on the comment box below!

Happy travels!



  1. Someday, someday.. :) -Margaux

    1. Someday we will all get there :)


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