Saturday, August 8

Seeing Mayon Volcano in an epic ATV ride

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This has been a productive day with a few hours to spare. I've been able to revamp my closet, finish my laundry, wash the dishes, and clean up my bed. Although I have two things left to do (if I didn't miss anything out that's it) - write a new entry on my blog (which I am doing now) and cleaning up files on my Mac (which really isn't easy after all). Wow, noticed how many times I inserted parentheses in my statements. That is a lot of second voice happening in my mind put in writing.

Anyway, going back to my narrative of our Bicol Tour... Let's re-visit my third day in the region! We traveled back to Legazpi shortly after we had our breakfast and went straight to our ATV meet-up point. It was roughly 30-45 minutes away from the city and practically near the Mayon Volcano.

The ATV was a high! We went for a few rounds of practice and woosh off we go! I tell you, more than the exquisite view from up high and the perfect cone-shaped volcano, the ride was equally fun and exciting. And since my words wouldn't do enough justice... you should see it for yourself through our pictures!

We had a few stop overs along the way like the picture shown above. This was taken at Cagsawa Ruins - it was built in the 17th century but was later on destroyed when the volcano erupted on 1814. From this spot too, you can view the perfectly shaped Mayon Volcano, too bad though it was blocked by clouds when we got there.

We finally reached the peak of the trail. Can't believe we were able to go that far, it was nearly half of the whole height of the volcano! Although on that distance, it was still blocked by the clouds. We were almost weeping when suddenly on the way back...

Tada! The perfect cone of the Mayon finally showed up! It was pretty awesome. There's actually a cute folktale regarding when the Mayon shows up or not and thankfully we were saved. You should definitely ask the tour guides about that folktale, guys. The view was definitely worth the ride. And hello, it obviously gave us a lot of fun, not to mention dirt and ashes too. We finished at around 7 at night, went to the hotel (thanks to the kind hearted kuya's from Bicol Adventure ATV Tour who offered to take us there), straight away showered, and had dinner! Took us 30 minutes each to scrub all that ash but no complaining! It was one of the best things in Bicol, you better not miss it!

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