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Sunrise at Kiltepan Viewpoint & Strawberry Side Trip at Baguio

Hello, Monday! Feeling all the positive vibes for this week. Sorry for being lost for about two weeks or more, got all buzzed up. I'm back for good though and with something for all of you, of course! My detailed narrative of our third day in Sagada including the list of expenses and our itinerary. This one is going to be short since we didn't have a lot to do that day anyway. I mean, we were supposed to do a lot but the weather, season, etc didn't permit us to so... I guess we all know where we ended up.

We left the inn at 4:30 in the morning to be in time for sunrise at Kiltepan View Point. It's 1,889 MASL and is accessible by cars, however, it's a bit hard to maneuver due to the narrow and muddy road that's why some of the tour guides opt that the cars park at a certain point and just reach the peak by walking or trekking. The trail is quite slippery but it's short and easy. It's freezing cold since it's super early in the morning! What the tour guides do is make a bonfire for everyone to share. It's pretty cute actually, I loved it very much since the last two nights that I was there I wasn't able to try sitting by a bonfire!

Forgive the shot, that's the only photo I have of the bonfire! I know, shameless.

A lot of people were in the area waiting for the sunrise. We were unable to see the sunrise, unfortunately since the clouds were too much and it was covering the spot but it was nonetheless beautiful. A sea of clouds in front of you, it felt as if I just hiked Mt. Pulag!

The light... It's peeking! It was that close!

After Kiltepan View Point, we were supposed to go orange picking. However, we were just about to enter when we saw a sign saying "Orange picking not available. No more oranges." So we skipped it (we have no choice! lol) and went straight to breakfast at Sagada Brew. They serve all day breakfast food, cakes, and coffee. The food is actually tasty and presentation-wise, it's spot on.

Providing you a sample of their breakfast selection. Good as it looks.

Food is ranging from P90-P180. Well all the restaurants are quite expensive in Sagada but they do have big servings. It takes getting used to. After breakfast, we started our journey back home with a different route since we'll be passing by Baguio. We drove through Halsema Highway where the highest point of Philippine Highways is located at 7,400 feet above sea level. Too bad all the photos I had were full of hair all over my face, no decent photo at all so let's just leave it at that...

When we arrived at Baguio, there were two options. Either you go inside strawberry farm or you just tour around the market, buy the ever famous strawberry ice cream or taho, and indulge yourself on pasalubong buying! We prefer the latter.

I was able to buy 7 kilos of various vegetables, fresh and cheap! We were also able to try the strawberry ice cream which is apparently my favorite flavor. I personally think they should manufacture it and produce gallon-filled ice creams to be sold in supermarkets. It's so good!

The dairy queen-ish feature of Baguio's strawberry ice cream!
Turn it upside down and it won't fall. If it does, they'd replace it for free.

And of course, what else would speak so much of Baguio? Nothing else but their fresh strawberries!

We also tried some of the oranges from Sagada and what they said was true, there's nothing like an orange from Sagada. It's delicious - with the right amount of acidity and sweetness in every bite. Travel from Baguio to Manila took an additional six hours on the road. I didn't even feel it, I slept mostly on the trip since I was too tired from the three days journey.

Sagada is truly a place for the adventurous, and it does take a lot of sporty disposition to keep going! For all the brave souls and adventure-seeking buddies out there, this place is definitely for you!

Anyway, here is our sample itinerary and rough list of expenses from Day 2 & 3.


  • 06:00am - Wake up call; breakfast
  • 07:00am - Proceed to drop-off point of Bumod-ok Falls
  • 07:30am - Start of trek
  • 09:00am - ETA Bumod-ok / swimming / picture taking
  • 10:00am - Trek back to drop-off point
  • 12:00nn - Travel back to inn / wash up / freshen up
  • 01:30pm - Late lunch
  • 02:30pm - Proceed to Sagada Weaving, Echo Valley, Hanging Coffins, and Pottery House
  • 05:30pm - Sunset viewing at Lake Danum (depends on the weather)
  • 07:00pm - Dinner; souvenir buying
  • 08:00pm - Bonfire & socials

(Please note that this is individually quoted and based on the number of persons traveling which was in our case 7)
  • Parana Tours Packaged Tour - P1,066
  • Breakfast - P150
  • Tip for Bumod-ok Falls Tour Guide - P50
  • Dinner - P150
  • Drinks and chips - P50

  • 04:30am - Wake up call / check out
  • 05:00am - ETD for Kiltepan View Point
  • 06:45am - Orange picking
  • 07:00am - Breakfast
  • 08:00am - ETD from Sagada to Baguio
  • 01:30pm - Late lunch
  • 02:00pm - ETA at Strawberry Farm
  • 03:00pm - ETD from Baguio
  • 10:00pm - ETA in Manila

(Please note that this is individually quoted and based on the number of persons traveling which was in our case 7)
  • Parana Tours Packaged Tour - P1,066
  • Oranges (1 kilo) - P50
  • Breakfast - P150
  • Lunch - P100
  • Strawberry Farm Side Trip or Pasalubong Buying - P500
  • Snacks - P50

TOTAL FOR DAY 2 & 3: P3,382.00

Feel free to share your crazy experiences in Sagada or tips on how to lower down the budget!
There is plenty of space on the comment box below.

Happy travels!


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